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This song written about a tired relationship thats just had enough,was perfectly penned and produced by C.W. Fields. His strong Country Rock influences shine through while staying true to the lyrics that are the heart and soul of Country Music. 

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                   "Sick N Tired"

    If i wake up and find ya gone in the morning / Hell it wouldn't surprise me at all. You know the storms they often come without warning.Its like we`re talking to brick walls / Its time to fight or its time to fall…..

Well I`m tired of walking on egg shells / I`m tired of viewing life as Hell / I`m tired of feel in`unwelcome in my own damn home. I`m tired of being accused of lying / inside I feel I`m dying / Lord there`s no denying / I`m Sick N Tired of being tired…
                      (Verse 2)

Now that the kids are older I`m sure they'd understand / We love each other but we just can't, can't get along….I often wonder what makes old folks so damn strong / 60 years of hanging on / Where did we go wrong…

Tired of everything thats going wrong / Sick of struggling on my own / And this house just aint a home….Lord on down on bending knee Im praying that ya please give me everything I need…

If ya wake up and find me gone in the morning / Hell it shouldn't surprise ya at all / Another storm is brewing heres your fair warning / ya got my back against the wall tonights the final curtain call……

              (Chorus Outro)

Written, Proformed & Produced By: C.W Fields for Tone Dose Music, BMI All rights reserved copy right 2015