Laura Vance  Singer/Songwriter

A song about fear in life or relationships. 
Hurt happens when you protect yourself
from pain and when you risk it all. 
You can't avoid it.
 Ambient Trap Pop (a`la Drake)
DJ-Roxtn: Is a 15 year old Trap/Pop/ Producer
from Houston,Texas. Keep your ears to the
the street like no other Music Supervisor!
Irenka is acoustic, electro, metal,
world, gothic, pop, jazz, reggae, gypsy,
all that matters is that it's genuine.
 Kidd The Great is one of the most talented underground R&B Rap artist there is.
With "Soul Fly" he shows off his amazing vocal stylings, far beyond that of all the 
current  rapper/singers on the airwaves today. In the vein of, Cee Lo Green.

 A 90`s style rock band in the the vein of
Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots
and Kings X. Mid to up-tempo action tracks.
 C.W. Fields is a Songwriter/Producer with very unique style of "New Country".  
With blends of hip hop drums, rock guitars, country steel and  innovative production.
This is the future of country music!